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In-Kind & artistic donations

There are also institutions who have contributed in-kind donations that are difficult to picture.

  • The Mayor of Cite Soleil and Deputy Pierre Lemaire have allocated the land for the library to be built

  • Geotechsol provided the land survey for free

  • Jennifer Adou, an architect raised in Cite Soleil, has provided the architectural plan for free

  • Fast Building Company has agreed to build the library free of charge

  • Tecina has donated a container to facilitate the construction process

  • Alexandra’s Playground is donating an entire playground set.

  • Vizyon Lakay is providing free communications and media services

  • 2Son has provided street art around the site of the future library

  • Access Haiti has promised free internet for the library

  • Association des Bibliothécaires, Documentalistes, et Archivistes d’Haiti and BIBLIOTHECOM will be providing free training to the future librarians

  • Vizibilite 3.0 has provided free graphic design services and website design services

  • Digicel has provided a free way for people across Haiti to donate through their mobile phones

  • E-Power has donated speakers for fundraising events and has made major contributions to building the fence around the library

There are many artists who have contributed their talents to spread the word about our initiative:

  • Kako

  • Gardy Girault

  • Mikaben

  • Freedom

  • BIC

  • Princess Eud

  • Gueldy Rene

  • Belabre Sage

  • Brigade07

  • DaddyFresh

  • Many other artists from Cite Soleil who contributed to the song & video below:

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